Weighbridge at Orica Yarwun

Simmons Civil was engaged to replace a bulk store weighbridge at Orica Yarwun.

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An older weighbridge at Orica Yarwun needed an upgrade to meet new trade regulations related to the axles used to weigh trucks. Having worked with Simmons Civil on previous projects like concrete remediation and protective coatings, the Orica Yarwun team were keen to get Simmons involved in this project.

“This project involved precise work, as we needed to get the load cells in exactly the right spot to ensure they can be calibrated and certified.”

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Jake Simmons
Director @Simmons Civil
The project


Simmons Civil was engaged for a three week period, with day and night crews working on the project 24/7.

The team collaborated with subcontractor engineers and other local businesses to meet the clients’ requirements. This included Xtreme Engineering (crane work), SKE (electrical work), and Toledo (steel deck installation and calibration).

Simmons’ first major task was to cut and remove the old 50 m B-Double bridge. The team cut the existing bridge deck into pieces with a road saw so that Xtreme Engineering could crane the pieces out. Next, they used a wire saw to cut out the existing concrete pedestals. Then Simmons Civil installed new concrete pedestals for the new bridge to sit on, and applied a 4 mm thick protective coating to the entire pit.

The project was successfully completed on time and on budget. The team worked hard to avoid interruptions to Orica’s dispatch — in particular by installing a temporary road bridge to use in the interim.