Portable Buildings for Orica Yarwun

Simmons Civil was engaged to install a number of portable buildings onsite for Orica Yarwun.

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With the pandemic situation rapidly evolving, Orica Yarwun were looking for creative solutions to support the health and wellbeing of their staff — and ensure the continuity of their business. To increase their capacity for social distancing, they engaged Simmons Civil to install additional portable office buildings onsite.

“This project is just one of 150+ we’ve completed for Orica — and illustrates how varied the work can be. We were pleased to offer a timely and practical solution to ensure minimal interruption to this client’s onsite work during the pandemic.”

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Jake Simmons
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Orica Yarwun already had two main offices onsite (along with their office in town), but with the COVID-19 pandemic kicking off, they knew they’d need to increase their office space for social distancing.

Simmons Civil were able to offer a quick turnaround, installing five 12 m x 3 m portable building modules onsite during the early months of the pandemic.

The team began by pouring the large concrete footing, before installing the buildings — each building was connected to the others for stability, but remained self-contained for social distancing. Simmons Civil also plumbed the buildings and installed flashings for waterproofing. The team then installed all the finishings and fixtures and set up the office furniture.

To complete the installation, Simmons installed concrete footpaths and landscaped the surrounding areas.

As a result, Orica Yarwun were able to spread their team out across a much larger space. Instead of four people per office, they were able to maintain two people in each space, reducing the risk of disruption due to sickness or mandates.