Driveway and Curb Repairs for Gladstone Regional Council

Simmons Civil has been regularly called out by GRC to repair concrete driveways and curbs throughout the region.

Project in Numbers

Repair jobs
3+ years
Ongoing support
1-2 days
Average job length
Client need


The Gladstone Regional Council are regularly required to cut concrete curbs, footpaths, and driveways in order to repair stormwater pipes, sewer lines, and potable water pipes. They needed a reliable contractor to come in and finish the concrete repairs once the initial repair job was complete.

“Although these jobs are relatively quick and simple, we know how important they are to the local Gladstone community. We’re careful to segregate our work areas from the public, ensuring we protect the public from whatever hazard may be behind the barricades.”

Jake Simmons profile
Jake Simmons
Director @Simmons Civil
The project


Gladstone Regional Council has relied on Simmons Civil to complete minor concrete repairs throughout the local area. Usually with little to no notice period, Simmons Civil are called out to repair jobs, such as repairing concrete curbs, pathways, and driveways.

Each job is relatively small, averaging $1500 value per project, with a 1-2 day duration. But knowing how important these types of jobs are to the local community, the Simmons Civil team works hard to complete them on schedule to ensure minimal disruption, while protecting the public from any potential hazards.