Concrete Remediation For NRG Gladstone’s Cooling Water Screens

Simmons Civil were required to complete concrete remediation for NRG Gladstone Power Station in 2021.
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NRG Gladstone Power Station has been in operation for nearly 50 years and is Queensland’s largest single power station. NRG is unique in that it uses seawater for cooling from the adjacent waterway, Auckland Creek. However, this cooling method comes with some challenges – and NRG needed concrete remediation to help correct them.

“We enjoyed working with NRG and helping them overcome the unique challenges that come with seawater cooling.”

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Jake Simmons
Director @Simmons Civil
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Due to the harsh environment inside NRG Gladstone’s unique saltwater cooling system, extensive concrete remediation was required.

The station pulls in water from the adjacent Auckland Creek, passing this water through screens to collect any mangrove leaves and sediment. After the water is used for cooling, it is released into Calliope River where it makes its way back out to the ocean.

The highly corrosive salt water had caused concrete cancer in the concrete system. So, after removing the sediment collection screen, Simmons Civil had to break out a large amount of this concrete and repair it. This involved a variety of concrete cutting equipment and techniques, including cutting, sawing, drilling, and jack hammering.

After Cleanway finished hydroblasting the surfaces, the Simmons team applied protective coatings to finish off the job.