Concrete Footings and Earthworks for Boyne Smelters Ltd

Simmons Civil installed footings and completed earthworks for BSL.

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Boyne Smelters is Australia’s second largest aluminium smelter, and is located on Boyne Island, just south of the port of Gladstone. With a number of earthworks and concreting projects coming up, they were looking to partner with a local civil construction company that could get the job done.

“After we successfully constructed these large footings for BSL, they engaged us for a number of other projects, from bulk and detailed earthworks to installing concrete traffic barriers.”

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Jake Simmons
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Simmons Civil has been engaged on a number of projects by BSL. One of these projects involved building six large concrete footings to support a new high voltage line from one substation to another. The Simmons team used their excavator to install 15-20 tonnes of steel reinforcing and poured 250 m3 of concrete.

The team were also engaged separately to provide bulk and detailed earthworks, which included clean up and assistance with handling smelting by-products. This involved most of the Simmons Civil’s bigger equipment, including the 329 CAT Excavator, 225 Hitachi, and both hook trucks.

Another project involved pedestrian segregation works. The Simmons Civil team implemented concrete traffic barriers between pedestrian walkways and vehicle zones. This ensures that in the event of an incident, pedestrians would be protected by the road barrier as much as possible.

All projects with BSL were completed successfully — on time and on budget.